What is A Hygiene Consultant?

          A dental hygiene consultant is a professional that assists dental practices in maximizing their
              dental hygiene department.
          First and foremost this includes providing insight and information to improve patient care while
              maintaining a high level of efficiency.
          A hygiene consultant provides support for the hygienists and the entire team.
          Consequently, the practices experience an increase in cash flow, and an immeasurable overall
              satisfaction from being their best.

What Type of Practices Benefits Most From a Dental Hygiene Consultant?


          Every practice, regardless of its level of success can benefit from the services of a hygiene consultant.
          Practice is not producing like you think it can
          Hygienists are bored, unmotivated, unexcited about their work
          Patient care is not optimal
          Hygiene department is operating as a “loss leader”
          High turnover rate in the hygiene department
          Decline in treatment/low diagnosed treatment