Reviews on our consulting services

We believe that our clients are the best judges of the quality and service of our consulting services. Read real reviews from clients we have helped below! 

Ms. Bryan is the most talented hygienist and communicator. She is consistently at the top of her field with her personal productivity and mindfulness of her work. She is unparalleled when it comes to her patients and knowing how her responsibilities fit into the business process. Her intention and purpose with patients allow her to maximize her work while economizing for her patients.

As a consultant to the process, Ms. Bryan has a broad knowledge of the working mechanics of a dental practice and how to increase productivity as a whole. She will be able to help any practice increase productivity and communication using diagnostic tools at hand. I can recommend her with the highest regards!

- Dr. Joseph Peluso

Working with Marcia increased our hygiene profitability by 33% in just 6 months! Would definitely recommend working with her.

- Client

Marcia has been with our office since October 2000 and she continues to be an asset to the practice. During her time of employment here, she has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and an impressive work ethic. It is very rare to find one employee who has the knowledge and experience to master both the administrative and clinical components of the dental practice, however, Marcia has managed to do just that. As a dedicated dental hygienist, she has provided her patients with the highest level of patient care and, as a result, her patients trust her completely.
While working as a practice coordinator, she exhibited a very keen sense of understanding and passion for the “business” side of dentistry. She has helped our practice improve customer care, increase patient retention, and achieve its financial goals. Marcia is very organized, motivated, and inspirational; these are some of the outstanding qualities she possesses and I am confident she will enrich your practices. I sincerely believe that she will bring to your team the same level of energy, success, and enthusiasm that she has demonstrated here with us.

- Dr. Tommy L. Owens, DDS