Practice data analysis and assessment

         In-office training (1-3 days)

         Verbal skills training and role playing

         Team building and team motivation

         Hygiene coaching



Let us show you how:

         To reduce broken appointments and no shows by creating added value

         To promote your RDH ( watch your hygiene production go through the roof)

         To deliver extraordinary customer care

         To make and exceed your goals

         To take your hygiene department from SO-SO to WOW

         To keep doctor’s schedule productive with treatment from hygiene


Stop running a "prophy palace" and establish a comprehensive periodontal therapy program that allows both your hygiene team and your patients to make effective and lasting oral health changes.


Periodontal disease affects 85% of the population and many of these people have diseases that can be more effectively managed with good oral health. Most practices ignore the medical associations with periodontal disease- we can show you how to use them to enhance patient acceptance and physician referral.